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PayU Smart EFT

Accept EFT payments and reach more customers

How does PayU Smart EFT work?

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Your customer checks out using your shopping cart or clicks on "pay now" and they are redirected to the secure payments page.

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On the payments page, they can choose which payment method they want to use. In this case, they will choose Smart EFT. They also need to specify which bank they are using.

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Customers are asked if they want to "pay now" or "pay later". A customer can therefore decide when they want to pay.

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Once your customer has made payment, they click  "I’ve paid" and they are returned to your website. PayU then sends you a notification to confirm that payment has been made, and you can release the goods to the customer

Who can use Smart EFT?

PayU Smart EFT is available to all customers who use one of South Africa’s four major banks

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How Smart EFT helps you do business better


Buyers don’t need credit cards, so you get access to new markets and more customers.


You don’t get chargebacks, so you cut out the expense and hassle of reversing sales.


The whole process is automated and there’s no extra admin for you.


Verification is instant, and customers don’t need to send proof of payment.


Shopping cart abandonment rates are reduced because customers have more payment options.