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ReD Fraud Protection

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PayU has an holistic approach to online security, sourcing technology and practices that help you do business safely and easily.



Our anti-fraud security is PCI compliant for digital security

We add 3D Secure which is a system for verifying credit card ownership.

Through our magnified security offering we teamed up with ACI ReD, a world leader in fraud-detection and prevention to offer you advanced fraud protection.

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Signing up for ACI ReD

Gives you an up-to-date, globally extensive anti-fraud service constantly working for you and keeping you ahead of the criminals.

Why do I need ACI ReD?

Isn’t 3D Secure enough fraud protection?

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3D Secure requires customers to enter a PIN or password when completing a purchase. While this adds a significant layer of security, it isn’t able to prevent so-called friendly fraud i.e. fraud by a legitimate cardholder who buys something and then claims they never received it.

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Because ACI ReD Shield is backed by an intelligent neural-network, it is able to learn which cards are being used for this kind of activity, and can then deny or challenge any transactions that look suspicious.

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Not all cards are enrolled in 3D Secure, so you’ll be exposed when unregistered cards are used in your online store. ACI ReD makes it safer for you to do business with unregistered cards and broadening your security footprint.

How ReD Shield works for you

  • ReD is able to analyse vast numbers of transactions and spot new methods fraudsters are using.
  • It applies these insights to all transactions and immediately flags, denies or challenges any suspicious transaction.
  • A challenge sends the transaction to consultants who manually reviews it and makes a decision on whether to accept it or reject it.
  • Reduces chargeback rates and false positives.
  • Provides safety in expanding into new markets.
  • Enables flexibility in pinpointing risk areas specific to your business.