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PayU Receive

An innovative way to send customised payment links and reminders via email

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PayU Receive is a secure, easy and convenient way for your customer to pay you

Once you have your customer’s email address, you can send them a payment request via a payment link generated by us.

Your customers simply clicks on the payment link

They can easily pay via credit/debit card, EFT, eBucks, Discovery Miles or RCS (payment methods is dependent on what is configured to your store).

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Why choose PayU Receive?


How does PayU Receive work?
  • In the PayU Receive platform, simply enter the customer reference and payment amount to generate your unique email link.
  • Once the customer clicks on the link or payment button, the customer is directed to PayU’s secure payment page. 
  • Once your customer makes payment, they will receive a payment confirmation. 
  • The PayU Receive platform will automatically update any customer payments.
What does PayU need to send an email to my customer?

PayU requires your SMTP credentials.

Who pays for the cost of sending emails to my customers?

You are responsible for all costs associated with sending emails in which the PayU Receive payment link is imbedded.

Can I send bulk emails?

Yes. PayU Receive supports bulk uploads with the use of .csv files. We also have a full suite of API’s available for enterprise solutions.

Can the email be branded?

Yes. The email template can be branded with
your company logo, as well as look an feel.

Who sends the email to my customer?

Once you have specified the customer’s email address, amount, reference details as well as your SMTP details, PayU will send the email to your customer.

What payment methods does PayU Receive support?

The current payment methods supported include credit card, cheque card, SmartEFT, Ebucks, RCS, Masterpass, Discovery Miles and EFT Pro. (PayU supports all payment methods configured on the redirect).

Do I require a website for PayU Receive?

No. You do not require a website for PayU Receive. As part of the solution, we will provide you with your own payment page.

Is PayU Receive secure?

Yes, PayU Receive is PCI DSS v3.2 Compliant.

How does my customer know the payment link is not a phishing scam?
  • If your customer places their mouse cursor on the link, they will see https://secure.payu.co.za/rpp do?PayUReference= (after the “=” there will be a number which would be the PayU reference.)
  • After customers click on the link, they will be redirected to a secure site i.e. https://secure.payu.co.za/rpp.do.
  • Customers will know this site is secure as it will have a padlock icon.