PayU EFT Pro

Accept instant EFT payments


PayU Smart EFT is available to all customers who use one of South Africa’s four major banks.

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How does it work

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Your customer selects to pay by EFT Pro on your checkout page and selects their bank. They are redirected to the online banking login screen and are prompted to login with their online banking credentials.

PayU API Codes

Your customer selects their bank account and enters their own reference. They receive a one-time pin which they enter to confirm payment.

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Once the successful electronic funds transfer is made, you and your customer will receive an instant notification that the payment has been successful and the goods are released immediately.

How Smart EFT helps you do business better

PayU EFT Pro is perfect for customers who don’t have a credit card to shop online with.


Accept instant EFT payments

Enables customers to pay for goods and services by electronically transferring funds using internet banking. EFT’s are instant compared to existing EFT solutions where the customer can pay at a later stage.


Eliminate human error

Matching payments to reference numbers is done automatically so there is a very low risk of errors.


Reduced fraud risk

No credit cards are used in the transaction, reducing the risk of fraud.


No more unmatched EFT payments

All payments are automatically matched, therefore no more incorrect EFT reference payment amounts or bank account numbers.


Transactions are easy to track

All PayU EFT Pro transactions can be viewed on the PayU Merchant Portal offering you complete transparency and an all-in-one platform.

Frequently asked questions

What is PayU EFT Pro?

PayU EFT Pro is a payment method that takes the hassle out of EFT payments.

PayU EFT Pro facilitates your online banking EFT process and enables your order status to be updated immediately.

Is PayU EFT Pro secure?

This is a secure payment method. PayU has EV SSL encryption certificates which gives our payment processing service an extremely high level of security.

How are my bank details kept safe?

When paying using PayU EFT Pro, the communication between you and your bank occurs as it normally would. PayU EFT Pro merely facilitates the transaction between you and the merchant.

PayU does not store any online banking login details.