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PayU Loyalty

Allow customers to pay with their eBucks and Discovery Miles

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Discovery Miles

  • Discovery Miles is an e-currency that Discovery members can earn when they shop at participating retailers using their DiscoveryCards.
  • Shoppers earn Miles depending on how much they spend, and these Miles convert to rands.
  • We have an exclusive partnership with Discovery Miles that makes us their approved payment gateway. 
  • Becoming a Discovery Miles approved merchant puts your products in view of the thousands of people who use one of South Africa’s most popular rewards programmes.
Use PayU to increase your checkout conversion


  • eBucks is an e-currency rewards programme from First National Bank.
  • It enables people who bank with FNB to earn eBucks for shopping at eBucks card partners.
  • eBucks convert to rands, which can be used to buy from businesses that accept Bucks as a payment option

Discovery Miles customers can pay with a mixture of tender types

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  • Customers paying with Discovery don’t have to pay the full amount in Miles. They can pay part of
    what they owe using their loyalty points and make up the rest with funds from their credit cards.
  • When customers are directed from your website to Discovery, they enter their Miles details and
    the value they wish to pay. They are then redirected to the PayU payment page to top-up the due amount with their cards.
  • The ability to offer mixed payment types for Discovery Miles customers puts your products in reach of far more people and creates a more enjoyable checkout experience for your shoppers.

Getting approved as a loyalty programme merchant

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To accept Discovery Miles and eBucks, you first need to apply to these programmes to be accepted as a merchant. We can set up an introduction for you that will help speed up the process.

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Once you’re accepted, you simply activate the e-currencies in your PayU account, just as you would activate other payment methods such as EFT.

Image of alternative payment methods including cash, ewallet and credit cards

PayU Plus and PayU Enterprise allow you to accept loyalty programmes as payment methods.