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How It Works

New to online payments? .

Here is an overview of how online payments work with us.


When customers make their payments, they:

Choose the products or services to buy.

Pay through the PayU payment system, using their preferred payment option: credit card, cash or bank transfer. PayU validates the transaction information through its Fraud Detection System.


Receive an email confirmation of the payment.


Return to your website so they can continue browsing.


How you receive payments

Your customer clicks “Pay Now” on your website, and chooses their preferred payment method (credit card, EFT, PayU)

We validate the transaction information through the PayU Anti-Fraud System.

We confirm your customers’ payment through the confirmation page and via email.

You receive the money which is settled into your accout.  


How to start receiving online payments now:

Open a PayU account by filling in an online application form. All you need is a website and a shopping cart - no merchant account, no bank queues, no paperwork!

In next to no time you will receive an integration documentation. You need to send this over to your web developers to link up to your shopping cart and wait for your Safekey to arrive by email.



Once your safekey arrives, your developers will complete the integration of your website with the PayU payment system.

Finished. Now you’ll start receiving online payments from your customers.