Why Call Centres Need Secure Payment Solutions
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When it comes to conducting business through a call centre, it is imperative to remember that not all operations can accommodate telephonic transactions or have the necessary software to complete an automated telephone payment service. However, if you are in the business of call centres and are reviewing your operations, you may want to consider the importance of implementing a secure payment gateway.

If you think about the instances where you’ve been redirected to a call operator who can do little to assist you or solve your problem due to the fact that the call centre cannot securely process telephonic payments, you’ll remember the frustration and irritation that accompanied the process. It is safe to say that many South Africans experience the same type of frustration and dissatisfaction with various service providers on a daily basis, highlighting the importance of secure payment solutions. Despite the convenience that it offers customers, many entrepreneurs and operations coordinators overlook this fact and deem the resource unnecessary due to a lack of education on the topic.  If you’re wondering why call centres need secure payment solutions, take a look at PayU’s top three reasons below:

Secure Payment Solutions Ensure Convenience for Consumers

While there is nothing more convenient than completing a transaction from the comfort of your own home, completing an electronic payment by telephone via a secure payment gateway comes at a pretty close second-best. Whether you implement a payment processing facility and train your employees on how to use it, or whether you opt for an automated version, you are offering your consumers the ultimate in convenience. Whether they’re contacting your call centre for assistance, or calling to make a payment past midnight and from the comfort of their own TV room, a secure payment solution is the answer to many payment glitches. While you cannot always guarantee that your online portal will be up and running (take server challenges into consideration), and consumers cannot always guarantee an internet connection, a call centre solution is readily available to accept payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It is not Costly or Complicated

Regardless of whether you choose to implement an automated system over a manual solution, investing in a call centre payment solution is both affordable and simple. It is also important to remember that once the solution is implemented, your staff will need basic training on how to optimally operate the software. The system, to the benefit of the employee, is also not complex to operate and accepts a variety of card types and major acquiring financial institutions.

Cuts Down on Man Power

If the idea of an automated system appeals to your business model, you will be able to save on man power and manually operated resources. While it is always important to ensure that an employee is available to handle queries and complaints, an automated call centre payment gateway is the ideal way in which to stretch your budget.

If you are in search of a provider that can guarantee top-quality service and a secure product, be sure to contact PayU for a no-obligation quote.