What Type of Content Should you be Producing to Promote your Online Store?
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With the digital world constantly evolving, and content marketing becoming more and more commonplace within South Africa, if you aren’t already producing a wide variety of content types in an effort to promote your online store, the chances are high that you are lagging far behind your competition.  But fear not – PayU is here to assist. Here are the top five types of content that you should be producing if you are to ensure the success of your online store.

Video Content

People are visual creatures, and it has been proven that we tend to respond better to visual content than we do to other written alternatives. With this in mind, producing interesting, shareable video content is a must. This type of content could be in the form of interviews, event footage, product demonstrations etc.  The more creative, the better.


Blogs form the crux of any quality content marketing plan, and provide you with the platform on which to provide your clients – and potential clients – with helpful, valuable information that they are sure to relate to and put to good use. Remember to steer clear of content that is too promotional in nature, as it is sure to scare your readers off immediately.


eBooks are all the rage at the moment and, with a bit of tech know-how and a flair for design, they are actually relatively easy and inexpensive to create.

Content Curation

The key to curating content lies in your ability to ascertain what sorts of problems or questions your target audience may have, and then doing the necessary research for them. Once you have found a few credible sources that will help to solve the problem or answer the question, it is up to you to put it all together (linking to each source, of course) and making the information available to your followers. Not only is content curation easy and SEO-friendly, it also makes it possible for you to build relationships with industry big-wigs who might be willing to lend you a helping hand when it comes time to establish your online store as an authority on a similar subject.

Interactive Content / User Experience Content

Looking for the best way in which to engage your readers with your content? Make it possible for them to actually engage with it. Creating interactive content, in the form of interactive infographics and user experience material, is a sure-fire way in which to leave your mark on the memories of your target audience – and a sure-fire way in which to leave your competitors in your dust!

While content is what will draw attention to your online store, a secure payment gateway is what will increase the chances of your visitors actually making a conversion.