Want to Rank Higher on Google? Make your Site Secure
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An insecure, unprotected website is the one thing that is holding you back from ranking higher on Google and reaching a larger number of potential customers – and this is especially true if your website incorporates an online store. Read on to discover how to go about securing your site, how to secure your customers’ details, and how to improve your Google rankings.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a special mechanism that forms a barrier between the browser’s web explorer and the website that he or she is visiting. In doing so, the SSL helps to protect the individual’s details. When he or she utilises, interacts with, or browses via the website, the SSL encrypts any important information before sending it where it needs to go. Once it has been safely received on the other end, the SSL decrypts it once again.

You will often notice banks warning their clients against using websites that do not have a trusted SSL certificate, which means that if you don’t have one, the chances are high that any potential customers - who might have wanted to make a purchase - will quickly decide against it once they realise that your website is not secure. Obviously, this is definitely not good for business so, ultimately, obtaining SSL for your website is in the best interests of both your potential customers and your online business as a whole.

If you wish to incorporate SSL into your website, you will require an SSL certificate. You can obtain this certificate from a certificate authority that will then take steps to verify whether or not the particular website that you wish to secure truly belongs to your organisation or business. The good news is that once your SSL has been set up effectively, you will be able to contact the certificate authority in the future should you ever find yourself dealing with any technical issues.

Don’t forget to re-direct search engines and already-existing customers from your old HTTP domain to your new HTTPS domain using 301 HTTP redirects!

Payment Gateways

Once your website has been properly protected with the help of your new SSL certificate, you might want to take things a step further in order to safeguard your online store and your customers’ payment details. You can do this with the help of a reliable payment gateway. The payment gateway also makes use of SSL encryption, as well as 3D Secure technology, thus promising customers the ultimate in secure payments and safe online shopping.

The excellent news about all of this is the fact that when you have an SSL certificate, as well as a secure payment gateway, your Google rankings are sure to improve dramatically. This is because Google will recognise your website as a safe and trusted resource, giving you ‘the edge’ over your competition.

For more information about payment gateways and the many advantages thereof, please do not hesitate to get in touch with PayU.