Tips to Keep Your Online Shopping Safe and Secure in 2016
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There is no doubt that the popularity of e commerce in South Africa soared to new heights in 2015, providing people with the opportunity to take full advantage of an easy and convenient way in which to get what they need and to save time and money in the process. The benefits of online shopping are becoming widely known, which is why e commerce is set to continue to grow over the next few years and beyond. So, whether you are an avid online shopper, or whether you have yet to discover its wonders (but are keen to give it a try), here are some tips for ensuring the utmost safety and security in 2016.

Steer Clear of Unfamiliar Websites

There are a number of well-known online stores out there, all of which have taken the necessary precautions in an effort to ensure the safety of their shoppers. As a result, it is much wiser to shop via these stores and to steer clear of websites that are lesser known – especially those that do not seem to have any security measures, such as 3D Secure, in place.

Read Through Your Bank Statements

It is always important to check your bank statements each month in order to ascertain whether or not you have fallen victim to fraud. If you don’t do this and then realise a few months down the line that your credit card details were, in fact, used by someone other than yourself, your bank will be unlikely to assist. Quick detection of any fraudulent activity is incredibly important.

Keep Your PC Security Up to Date

A reliable anti-virus can help to safeguard your banking details when you shop online, so ensure that it is always kept up to date – and don’t forget to re-new your subscription each year!

Pay Attention to Your Passwords

Passwords that are easy to guess, such as 1234 or 0000, make it simple for chancers to hack your accounts. Knowing this, it is important to take the time to create a strong password for every profile which you create online.

Safeguarding your banking details is easy when you know how, thus helping to turn online shopping into the pleasant, convenient and advantageous experience that it is meant to be. Check out PayU for more information on secure online shopping.

If you are the owner of an online store, it is your responsibility to provide your customers with reliable security. PayU is here to help. In short, a PayU online payment is a safe online payment.