Photography Tips for Your Online Store Products
Wrapping a gift

People are visual, which is why picture-perfect photography is so very important when it comes to selling anything online. If your online store’s products don’t appeal to your clients visually, the chances are very slim that they will make a purchase. Here are some top photography tips for your online store:

Keep things consistent

There is something about uniformity that puts people at ease. With this in mind, when it comes to photographing your products, keep everything as standardised as possible. Photograph everything using the same background (preferably a white background as this ensures that the product remains the centre of attention) and ensure that the sizing of each image remains the same.

Take advantage of angles

While it is the norm for most online stores to show a single photograph of each of their products, it is better to provide the potential client with a more detailed view of the item on offer. Try to photograph each item from a variety of different angles, showcasing specific aspects that may help to ‘seal the deal’. For example, if you are selling shoes, take pictures of them from the front, side and top. Tell a story with your images and engage your potential client.

Forego the flash

If you use the flash on your camera, you might encounter problems that could ruin the overall quality of the photos. The flash can cause reflections, shadows and hot spots. If possible, use natural lighting instead (NOT direct sunlight) or hire some professional lighting equipment. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference great lighting can make to the overall attractiveness of your products.

Keep those hands steady

Unsteady hands can result in shaky, unprofessional images. A tripod will solve this problem, making it easier for you to centre your product in the frame. However, if you do not have access to a tripod, you can opt to place the camera onto a steady surface and utilise its timer option for a sharper, clearer result.

Steer clear of props

It is easy to feel as though your photos look quite bare and uninspiring if you are only using a white background. However, it is important to remember that these minimalistic photographs are essential when it comes to sharing your products with the world. Adding props to the frame will only put you at a disadvantage, drawing the attention away from the product that you are hoping to sell. As a result, less is always more! If you want to incorporate images that show your product in action, away from the basic white background, use these types of images in conjunction with the more simplistic versions. Having a good balance between these two types of photographs will provide the client with a more detailed example of what he or she can expect. It will also make it easier to show your clients scale in terms of sizing.

While having great quality images as a part of your online store is essential with regard to convincing potential clients to buy your products, you will also need a reliable payment gateway that will make them feel safe when it’s time to make payments online. Get in touch with Pay U today to learn more about your options.