The PayU Merchant Account Explained
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As online shopping becomes the most popular way in which to shop for non-perishable items; brick and mortar stores are leaning closer towards the notion of creating online stores. Not only is online shopping more convenient for customers, it is also the more preferred method of shopping.

If you happen to own a large commercial outlet and are looking to venture into online sales, the first step is to ensure safe and secure payment solutions through a reliable payment gateway. If you plan on encouraging your customers to buy their items online, you need to offer them the safety and security that they seek. Unique and convenient, the Pay U Merchant Account was designed to offer traders the best in secure online payment solutions. Simple to use and guaranteed to turn site visits into sales, you will be able to accept credit cards and easily integrate the Pay U platform into your website.


When converting your sales trajectory from a brick and mortar focus to that of an online focus, it is important to offer consumers what they want and need. Impermeable security features are just one of the few aspects that online shoppers need, and also one of the few aspects that will convince customers to go through with the sale. Here are a handful of security features that are offered by the Pay U Merchant Account:

  • All of the transactions that occur on your site are processed between the payment gateway and the relevant bank and never occur between your customers and your website.
  • All cardholder data is processed, transmitted and stored securely for every online transaction.
  • The transaction takes place is well protected environment that is safely guarded against hackers.
  • The double firewall security system, extensive use of SSL encryption, and offline encrypted storage facility offers the trader and customer peace-of-mind, comfort and minimal risk.


Suitable for businesses and enterprises that range from a small office setup to that of a large setup, the Pay U Merchant Account offers numerous advantages that assist in efficiently managed online sales and business transactions. From shopping cart support to multi-channel support, these advantages cover a number of different elements. These advantages are:

  • Immediate, safe and secure payment processing,
  • Precision reporting,
  • Multiple integration options,
  • Shopping cart support,
  • Reach new customers with alternative payment methods,
  • Support for digital products,
  • Simple settlement service,
  • Product reliability and multi-channel support,
  • Additional protection against fraud.

If you feel that you are ready to sell online and change the face of your enterprise, contact Pay U and get started! We guarantee that you can only move upwards from here.