Packaging - Why it Matters & how to Make Yours Stand out
Woman wrapping a present

For most customers buying from an online store, getting their package in their hands is the first physical interaction they have with the brand because there is no in-store experience. First impressions matter and how your package looks and feels can either ‘wow’ a customer or turn them off your product.

Packaging a product for delivery is a critical step in the completion of an order in the ecommerce business. Even though primarily the main purpose of packaging is to protect and contain goods so that they are delivered in good shape, packaging should strive to go beyond this and reinforce the company brand and create a positive customer experience. Bearing in mind that new competitors are entering the ecommerce terrain every day, differentiating yourself with your packaging is worth investing in.

The 2013 eCommerce Packaging Survey results show how influential packaging is, with 52% of consumers likely to make repeat purchases from an e-retailer that delivers orders in premium packaging. In fact, half of customers expect online orders to arrive in premium packaging if that same retailer provides branded packaging in-store. 

According to Retail Online Integration, businesses are taking advantage of social media as an excuse to create unique packages that inspire customers to share photos with their friends and family. A study by Dotcom Distribution indicated that nearly 40% of consumers would share a picture of an online delivery via social media if it came in a unique, branded or gift-like box. Of those sharing, 83% would do so on Facebook. 

How to make your packaging stand out:

Aim to delight
Surprise your customers with unusually shaped boxes, or clever use of colours and patterns on your package. The element of surprise will put a smile on their face and they’ll be more likely to remember your business. 

Convey your brand 
Beyond just placing their logo, most memorable companies convey a powerful brand statement or a greater purpose. Packaging should enhance that greater purpose by connecting with the customers through a clever tagline, images and copy

Send through personalized “thank you” notes and offers with your package to make up for the lack of human contact the customer may have had with a shopping assistant or cashier in a traditional store

Smash proof 
Even though your package should look good, make sure that it is sturdy enough to keep your product from getting damaged. Check that the box or container is solid enough to withstand travel and does not arrive squashed and limp after a bumpy ride.

Make it re-usable
9 out of 10 consumers have re-used a branded box or bag after purchase, further extending brand visibility. In addition, 35% of consumers discovered a new brand after seeing branded packaging carried in public.

Your packaging is your last and biggest chance to persuade a consumer to buy your products again, so take advantage of it and reap the rewards.