Online Shopping: How to Keep Customers Coming Back
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Smart payment solutions are just one of the top tips that will ensure that you keep online customers coming back for more. With an increase in the operation of successful online stores, e-entrepreneurs are now looking for ways in which to keep their customers returning again and again. However, with the wide variety of products that are available online (and those which can be shipped and delivered worldwide), online store owners are now in competition more than ever before.

While a secure payment gateway reassures customers about the safety and reliability of your payment functions, e-entrepreneurs also need to take a look at their overall online package. A sleek website and catchy website copy are no longer the two elements that make an online store attractive. Today, with more customers boasting a tech-savvy approach to life, online stores need to offer the ‘full-Monty’ of online shopping experiences to ensure success. Take a look at these four tips to ensure that your customers keep on coming back for more:

Streamline and De-clutter Your Buying Process

Streamlining and de-cluttering the buying process is the most effective way in which to convince customers to return to your site. Not only do you make it hassle-free to buy products from your online store, you also ensure that customers do not get distracted while checking-out. Simplify the shopping experience by ensuring that customers can easily add to their shopping carts, browse through more products and proceed to the checkout point. Offer your customers a way in which to save their carts in the event that they leave the site – this will ensure that customers return to buy the products that they really want.

Don’t Give Customers an Ultimatum

Does your online store require customers to register before they can proceed with a transaction? If so, removing this function is the best way in which to ensure that customers return to your site. Not only does this chase away any new customers, it also gives existing shoppers an ultimatum every time that they attempt to buy something.

Offer a Free Service

Whether you decide to offer free delivery, free shipping or free returns, ensure that you publicise it. You will immediately notice a rise in the number of people who buy your products. If your product range is already pricy, free delivery or shipping will significantly bring down the overall costs of buying through your site, which will in turn attract more customers. Use your social networks to promote your ‘free service’ while also highlighting it once someone has made it to the checkout point. This will encourage customers to repeatedly buy items from your online store while also recommending it to friends and family members. Watch your sales numbers rise!

Assist Customers with Calculations

If you simply cannot forgo your shipping or delivery costs, perhaps offer the service of free returns. If your product offering is available to a global audience, provide a calculator that assists customers with shipping costs and calculations. This will give your customers the option of choosing which option best suits their budget and their needs. If you don’t offer global deliveries, you could also offer your customers the option to choose between local delivery options. Give them a variety of options, and negotiate discounted rates with a trusted courier service that delivers across South Africa. This will ensure that your customers remain in control of their spending while also offering them a unique yet simple service.

Whether you’re running an out-of-home online enterprise, or an online shopping portal that has global reach, ensure that you’re equipped to keep your customers coming back for more. Simplify the shopping experience and reap the benefits – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! If you find that you’ve covered these four tips, but are still in need of a reliable payment gateway, take a look at PayU for effective payment solutions.