Managing Your Online Store: Product Review Etiquette
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Did you know that 63% of online customers are more likely to checkout of an online store and go through with their payment when the respected store displays their customer’s reviews? Not only are product reviews frequently underestimated by online entrepreneurs, they can be likened to the golden egg of online sales. Paired with a reliable and effective payment gateway, visible and honest product reviews are certainly the key to a substantial increase in profit.

However, do we know the ins and outs of product review etiquette and do we understand the importance thereof? According to statistics, there are few online entrepreneurs who truly appreciate the power of online product reviews which can, in a competitive environment, lead to the detriment of their enterprise. Let’s take a look at the statistics:

  • Products that have 50 or more reviews can result in a 4.6% increase in sales.
  • Customers who interact and engage with related questions and answers are 105% more likely to purchase while visiting the site.
  • Product reviews encourage a sense of trust from customers which increases the sales and popularity of a product.
  • Product reviews can produce an average increase of 18% in online sales.

When it comes to online success, it is important to always remember that customers value their fellow customer’s opinions – they trust what others have to say about your products and want to learn more about their experience before they spend their money. Here’s a handful of tips on how to manage your online store’s product review etiquette:

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

More often than not, online stores offer a rating system for their products in the form of a rating out of five stars. Paired with written reviews, this system is the ideal way in which potential customers are able to form an opinion regarding a specific product. The most important thing to remember about product reviews is that you’re going to find a number of different opinions and ratings, each of which can be used in a positive manner. You’re going to find good reviews, bad reviews and ones that will leave you feeling angry and defeated. However, it is imperative that you leave them where they are, unless they are discriminatory or offensive in any way.

Make It Visible

Product reviews best serve your enterprise when they are visible to existing and potential customers. Be sure to encourage your customers to read the reviews of others and to write their own reviews on what they thought about their experience in its entirety – from the way in which they were able to checkout and pay for their products, the look and feel of your site, the simplicity of their online payment and, if they experienced any trouble, the type of over-the-phone service they received.

Interact and Engage

The golden rule of product review etiquette is the interaction and engagement with interested, impressed and disgruntled customers. If your customers happen to ask you a question or post something that warrants gratitude or concern, it is in your best interest to respond. Interacting with your clients and engaging with their needs and wants is the best way in which you can guarantee return business, especially if your customers love the way in which they are treated.

Product review etiquette can be tricky for new online store entrepreneurs, especially when a mix of positive and negative reviews can be overwhelming. You simply need to take it all in your stride and come up with a way in which to manage the expectations of your customers. If you’re in the process of setting up your online enterprise, be sure to contact Pay U for a no-obligations quote to ensure that your customers are able to make secure online payments.