How the Upcoming Google Mobile Update could affect your Online Store
man working on laptop

Last year, Google released an important new algorithm update which came to be not-so-affectionately known as ‘Mobilegeddon’. This update aimed to improve the overall user experience for those surfing the net on a mobile device which, ultimately, led to websites that were not mobile-friendly experiencing a drastic decline in rankings. It has been almost a year since Mobilegeddon first made its presence known, and if the recently announced upcoming update is anything to go by, it is obvious that Google still believes that mobile is king.

Google representatives have stated that a new mobile-focused update will begin rolling out sometime in May, imposing even stricter criteria on all websites in terms of their mobile functionality and adaptability. For those website managers who took action in an effort to improve their websites’ mobile responsiveness in the wake of Mobilegeddon, major changes in rankings are highly unlikely. However, for those who thought that they had more time to jump on the proverbial mobile-friendliness band wagon, a much steeper, steadier decline in rankings is to be expected.

Thankfully, Google has left website managers with a bit of time to make small adjustments to their website design and functionality before the update is set to take effect, and while this may not be enough time to actually transform your website completely, it will certainly provide you with the opportunity to make minor alterations that could help to ‘cushion the blow’. 

According to Google representatives, high quality content is also still a massive focus for Google, and plays a large role in the upcoming update. For those website managers who have yet to ensure the ultimate in mobile-friendliness, if they have made quality content a priority, the consequences of the update are sure to be a lot less severe.

Aside from mobile-friendliness and high quality content, the upcoming update is also set to analyse other aspects of user-experience, especially when it comes to ecommerce stores. Unless you have yet to implement a reliable payment gateway that ensures that your customers are able to make secure payments online (whether using a desktop, laptop or mobile device), your rankings are also sure to suffer. As a result, investing in this type of payment system might be something that you should opt to do before the update begins its roll-out.

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