How Social Media Advertising can help your Online Business
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Many business owners neglect to embrace the power of social media advertising because they feel that their organic efforts (which don’t cost a cent) will be enough to garner a positive response from their target audience. However, while a company’s organic efforts are just as important as any forms of paid advertising, in the long run, they can only do so much. Social media advertising opens up a number of doors in the form of increased reach, visibility, brand recognition, sales and new followers. Below, we break down the ways in which social media advertising on different platforms can help your online business to reach its full potential.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is definitely one of the most popular choices for social media advertising – this is probably due to its easy-to-navigate interface and reasonable cost. Along with this, Facebook also makes it effortless for you to get very specific about the type of people who you wish to target. You can target according to location, age range, gender and interests, thus making it simple to ensure that your budget is spent wisely and that ads are seen by those who are most likely to be interested in what your brand has to offer.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is a much more professional platform when compared to Facebook and Twitter, and it is because of this fact that the cost to advertise is also much more exorbitant. Luckily, like Facebook, it allows for specific targeting and offers you access to a handy Lead Collection Tool.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter advertising is also affordable, probably even more so than Facebook, and the ads are simple to set up, thus making it possible for you to get them up and running pretty much immediately. Just keep in mind, however, that targeting options are slightly more limited than those offered by social media platforms.

Ultimately, social media advertising helps your online business in the following ways:

  • It makes it possible for you to reach a larger number of potential customers.
  • It allows you to target specific types of people, thus increasing your chances of expanding your following and improving your sales.
  • It allows you to ensure increased brand recognition – because even if some of the targeted people do not respond to the ad itself, they will still be exposed to your brand.
  • It helps to draw more traffic to your website.
  • It is much more affordable than many other ‘conventional’ marketing methods, yet still provides similar – if not better – results overall.

Now that you understand the importance of social media advertising, don’t forget to ensure that you provide your potential customers with everything that they need in order to feel safe when making a purchase via your online store. You can do this with the help of a reliable payment gateway like PayU. Our payment systems have been designed to process online payments safely and securely, ensuring that no third party is able to access the client’s personal or financial information during the transaction. For further information about payment gateways and how you can tailor them to suit the needs of your business, click here.