How to Set Up a Client Services Department for your Online Store
woman talking on a headset

While most ecommerce entrepreneurs are well aware of the importance of payment gateways and electronic payment solutions, many of them often forget about the importance of setting up a client services department. Whether this is a large department that is populated with an array of client services professionals seeing to your customers’ every need, or whether you are the person taking control of the department all on your own, the need for a client services / support department for your online store cannot be emphasised enough.

With social media taking over more and more every day, it is easier than ever before for customers to spread the word about your online store, products and services – either in a positive or negative light. In order to manage the negative comments and complaints, a client services department is necessary. Here are a few things to keep in mind when setting up a client services department and ensuring that it is sufficient enough to meet your customers’ needs and expectations.

Utilise Social Media to Interact with Customers

The first point of call when it comes to creating a channel for customer support is to embrace the power of social media. Create business accounts on Twitter and Facebook and do your best to interact with your followers on a regular basis. Seeing as though a vast amount of people will turn to your social media pages with questions and comments, regardless of whether or not you have a fully functioning client services department in place, it is important that you maintain a consistent social media presence at all times.

Consider Multi-Channel Customer Service

Whether multi-channel customer service will benefit your business or not will depend, to a large extent, on the size of your online store. Ultimately, if you have attracted a large number of customers thus far, you will need to offer them a variety of options in terms of customer support. This includes telephonic support, email support, live chat etc. However, if your online store is still in its fledgling stages, one support channel should suffice.

Monitor and Evaluate

Once you have officially opened your client services department, it is essential that you monitor and evaluate its effectiveness. Take note of the channels that the majority of your customers are utilising in an effort to get in touch with you, evaluate how satisfied the customer was after speaking to one of your client service reps, and then make decisions as to how the client support service that is offered can be further improved upon.

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