How to Personalise Your Delivery Packaging and Process
Florist taking orders on the phone

In a world where you carry your purchases home in plastic packets and receive deliveries in boring brown boxes, having your goods packaged in a personal way can make all the difference for your customers’ buying experience. When it comes to e-commerce, great delivery packaging can really give you the leg up in boosting the buying experience of your customers, particularly since it is the first and sometimes only contact they will have with your store. Use these tips to help personalise your delivery packaging and processes:

  1. Protection:

    Before your packaging looks pretty, it needs to be functional. This means packaging that adequately protects your products throughout the delivery process. Consider specially-padded boxes, a protective padded material or bubble wrap to encase your products inside their boxes.

  2. Boxes:

    Boxes are a good standard delivery packaging material. Remember that most courier companies charge by weight and size, so have a good set of various box sizes on hand. It is wasteful and more costly to send a small product out that will simply be rattling around in a large box.

    Consider going eco-friendly with your boxes. Recycled boxes or boxes made of earth-friendly materials will go a long way in showing your customers that you are a unique, forward-thinking company.

  3. Branding:

    When your customers receive their parcel, they should instantly know who it is coming from. You can have special prints on your boxes or a special ribbon detail in your company colours, or simply your logo on the package.

  4. Added Flair:

    Add some flair to your packaging with these tips:

  • Include a sweet, cleanly-designed thank you note in each box.
  • Consider using specialised box filler such as tissue paper personalised for your brand or multi-coloured bubble wrap.
  • Get them coming back for more with a surprise discount voucher.
  • A sticker is a nice way to say what you want to say while still keeping it simple. Get personalised stickers made that you can stick on the product packaging. Encourage your customers to share their excitement at receiving their new goodies on social media!

Now that you have your e-commerce goods being shipped out in darling packaging that is completely unique to your business, check out these quick tips to boost the overall customer satisfaction of the buying process:

  1. Use a well-recognised payment gateway system on your website so that your customers always feel safe purchasing from your store.
  2. Send a confirmation email to the buyer once their transaction has been processed.
  3. Keep them up to date via email or SMS through each step of the process – from transaction to dispatch to receipt of goods.
  4. Send them the courier parcel code once the package has been passed onto your courier company. This way your client can track their purchase every step of the way.

Personalising and improving your customers’ online shopping and buying experience will help boost your brand awareness and overall customer satisfaction immensely. Put some thought into the designs you will have on your packaging and have them created by a professional for an extra-professional look. Try and let your customer feel like they are receiving a gift each time one of your products arrives! Personalising your packaging, having a secure payment gateway and ensuring you have a reliable, affordable courier company on your books are all key steps to taking your e-Commerce store from good to great!

For the secure payment gateway part of it, contact Pay U today.