How Mobile Optimisation Will Transform Your Online Business
Man messaging on cellphone

Statistics showing the amount of online shoppers are simply staggering, with hundreds of thousands of South Africans shopping online every day. In addition to these statistics, there is another set of stats that are causing some interest too – that of the rise in mobile internet usage as opposed to that of desktop usage.

With 79.1 million active mobile internet connections in South Africa¹, there are many opportunities for people to visit e-Commerce stores on their phones. Is your website optimised for mobile? Let’s take a look at how optimising your e-Commerce store for mobile will transform your online business:

  • More time spent on the site, more chance of a sale.

High bounce rates are never something that anyone wants to see, particularly when their bread and butter comes from the sales made through their online store. A website that does not render properly on mobile, and that is cumbersome to scroll through (think needing to scroll all the way to the left to finish a sentence, and needing to pinch and zoom to view images and text), will quickly deter customers. If your website is cleanly optimised for mobile, your customers will spend more time browsing the website and will be more likely to make a purchase!

  • The ease of access will encourage 24/7 browsing.

Many of your sales may be made during office hours, when someone is sitting at their desk and browsing through your site on their computer. However, if you have a site that is optimised for mobile, you are opening your business’ rhetorical doors 24/7! Now your potential customer can lay by their swimming pool, in their bed, on the train on their way to work, or while sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, and browse your website, lending more time and opportunity for you to make a sale.

  • Social interaction.

People use their mobile phones to interact with friends and family. If you are also using social media to promote your online store, it is important that your site is optimised for mobile so that they see a user-friendly website when they click on one of your social media post’s links to your site on their phone. In addition to this aspect of it, perhaps your customer is talking to someone about a product that they like at a family dinner. They can easily pick up their phone, visit your website and refer to the product then and there.

  • Mobile payments mean more sales.

When you optimise your website for mobile, don’t forget to ensure that your payment gateway system allows for secure mobile payments. If your customer can both browse and pay for items from your online store using their mobile phone, they will be much more likely to convert.

It is easy to see why it is so important to optimise your e-Commerce store for mobile. Luckily, website mobile optimisation is becoming easier than ever; with many advancements in technology, custom content management systems and responsive designs that halve the amount of work that it used to take to optimise for mobile. Ensure that your website is optimised for mobile by using Google’s Mobile-Friendly test or speaking to your website developer.

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