How to Get Your Online Store Ready for the New Year
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If you missed out on taking advantage of PayU ecommerce payment solutions this holiday season, fear not! There is still plenty of opportunity to get your online store ready for the New Year. Did you know that most South Africans, even if some of them do not directly purchase their goods online, do their research using the internet before going out to buy what they need? As a result, whether you have a large or a small business, it is simply crazy not to embrace the power of e-commerce and the many benefits that it could have in store for your establishment’s growth and profit margin. Here are a few tips for getting your online store ready for operation.

Get an online merchant account

While you do not need a merchant account to make use of PayU secure online payments (smaller businesses can enjoy a simple and easy way in which to make sales online without the hassle of getting a merchant account), if you own a larger establishment, a merchant account is a must-have. This account is basically a bank account that will handle any funds that you receive from your customers’ credit cards. In order to get one, chat to your bank and request information about their requirements as every bank is different in this regard.

Choose your payment gateway

The payment gateway that you choose to use will have a tremendous effect on your customers’ willingness to do business with you online. A reputable payment gateway will make use of 3D secure as well as anti-fraud technology and SSL encryption, ensuring online payments that are safe and completely trustworthy. PayU offers you all of the above, providing you not only with a reliable payment solution for your online business, but also with total peace of mind that you will be able to accept online payments effortlessly without stressing about your customers’ security.

Embrace social media

In order to get your online business to take off, you need to dedicate more time to your online marketing campaigns. Whether you make use of Google Adwords or Facebook advertising, put your all into it. Seeing as though you are trying to attract people to your online store, there really is no better way to grab their attention than by doing it via the internet. Open up a Facebook and a Twitter account for starters and be sure to interact with those who like or follow you. Frequently post information about any specials that you are having or simply tell people what you have to offer them. Engaging directly with your customers – as well as with your potential customers – can work wonders for your online sales.

As you can see, getting your online store organised for 2015 is really easy when you have the right payment solution provider on your side. PayU makes it incredibly simple to embrace e-commerce in South Africa, helping you to take your business to new heights that you may never even have thought existed! Get in touch with us today: