How to Find the Perfect Courier for Your Goods
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You’ve mastered the art of optimising your online enterprise, and you’ve got a handle on your social media presence – your customers interact with your brand and recommend your products, and they trust your chosen online payment gateway; what more could you possibly ask for?

When it comes to getting your stock from point A to point B, safely and affordably, it is necessary to find a courier service that is both fast and reliable. One of the many benefits of online shopping is the convenience – shop at home in Springs, and have your items delivered to your door in a matter of days. To ensure the safe delivery of your customers’ purchases, you will need to find a courier that can not only transport the items in a safe and secure manner, but one that has local and international reach. An unreliable courier service can lead to costly consequences for you, as the salesperson, and also has the potential to damage your brand. How does one find the perfect courier service? Here are a handful of useful tips on how to find the perfect courier for your goods.

Explore Your Options, Costs Included

With a number of courier companies available to cart your goods all over South Africa, you will need to explore all of your options before you settle on a single service provider. Ask to speak to a consultant who can provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to send an assortment of packages throughout the month. It is important to mention that you will be sending items of different sizes and weights across South Africa and abroad. You might even strike gold with a courier company who offers to pay to advertise on your site!

Narrow Down Your Search

Once you have explored all of your options, take the following into consideration:

  • What type of packaging does each courier service offer?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • Is the courier company recognised for its service, speed and reliability?
  • Will my customers’ goods be safe in their hands?
  • Can the courier service guarantee the safe delivery of goods?

Narrow down your search according to the companies that best fit in with your criteria. Not only will this assist you in controlling your costs, it will also ensure that you select the best service provider to deliver your products.

Strike a Long-term Deal

When negotiating your deal, enquire about what it would cost for a short and long-term contract. If the long-term deal is best suited to the needs of your company, be sure to sign on the dotted line. Once a contract is signed, you will have the security of constant rates and a formal agreement on which to fall back on in the event that goods do not reach their intended destination.

Alert Your Customers

Once you have chosen your courier and you have negotiated your costs, be sure to alert your customers about any changes to delivery costs or time schedules. Be sure to emphasise safe delivery and free returns, and specify that all customers are able to make secure payments that include the delivery of their goods.

Once you ensure that your customers are able to make secure payments, invest your time in finding a suitable courier for your goods. Not only will you benefit from a reputable and reliable service provider, you will also notice an elevated rapport between your customers and your brand.