How to Effectively Promote Online Sales and Specials
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Your online store’s success relies on more than just readily available products, professional photography, an easy-to-navigate website and a secure, reliable payment gateway. Without an effective way to promote your products, your store will plod along slowly rather than booming. In most instances, and most likely yours too, sales and specials come about with the need to either sell old stock or boost online sales.

Let’s take a look at some ways to effectively promote your online sales to get your products flying off the virtual shelves:

Email Marketing:

Be sure to never spam your customers, so if you would like to promote sales and specials, do so bi-weekly or only once a month.

  • Make sure the subject line of the email makes it clear that the email is related to a sale. Use subject lines such as: ‘Massive Sale! Discounts of up to 50% on Selected Items!’ or ‘Winter Sale Now On! Don’t Miss Out!’
  • When the email is opened, ensure that the reader’s first line of sight is some example images of the items on sale.
  • Be clear and to-the-point in your choice of words. Make it clear that there is a sale, how much of a discount is being offered (always start with the largest discount) and put a deadline on the sale to promote urgency. For example: ‘While stocks last’ and ‘Sale ends at midnight on Thursday 15 March.’
  • Make sure that it is possible to click through to the actual sales product pages off the email.

Run a Social Media Campaign

If your store has a Facebook page, this is a great medium for promoting your sales and specials.

  • Write a clear, concise Facebook post detailing the sale.
  • If you have the budget, promote this post so that it reaches more potential customers.
  • Invest in Facebook advertising.

If you are using Twitter, you can be more aggressive in your approach. Whereas with Facebook more than one post a day can seem like spam, on Twitter you are able to post numerous Tweets throughout the day.

  • Write short, snappy Tweets about items on sale.
  • Include pictures of sale items with each Tweet.
  • Invest in Promoted Tweets to get more reach.

On Your Website:

Don’t neglect your website in your efforts to promote your sales and specials!

  • Create a banner that runs across the top of every page of your website detailing the sale in large letters, its deadline (if there is one) with a few images of sale items.
  • When a customer is viewing your sales page, include suggested items that are related to the one that they are viewing. This will promote further sales for your online store.

A little bit of communication goes a long way. Before you will be able to promote your sales as effectively as possible, you need to have a good customer base in the first place. This is why your marketing strategy should be solid and in effect throughout the year - with regular online advertising, social media advertising and concise email marketing.

So you’ve engaged your customers and built loyalty with great deals and specials – now it is time to retain your customers and keep them returning. Having a secure payment gateway system on your website is an important way to maintain your reputation and cement your store as a reliable and safe one that will get repeated business. We can help you with that. Contact PayU today.