Essential Features of any Online Store
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With so many unique e-commerce stores out there, the secret to making yours successful lies in your ability to stand out and give the customers exactly what they are looking for – a convenient, safe and cost-effective way in which to shop. Below are six essential features of any online store, all of which will help you to deliver above and beyond expectations. 

A Clear, Distinctive Logo

As already mentioned, you need to differentiate your e-commerce store from the rest. A clear, distinctive logo helps you to ensure that your brand becomes both recognisable and trusted. Think bold, vibrant colours, and don’t be afraid to make it the focal point of your home page.

A User-friendly Search Box

If you do not have a search box, you are severely limiting the potential of your online store. Think about it – if a customer visits your website already knowing what they want to buy, he or she will quickly look elsewhere if it isn’t possible to find the particular product after a few clicks. Keep the search box at the top of the page, and ensure that it is eye-catching and easily noticed.

Links to Your Social Media Pages

Social media is a massive aspect of successful online marketing, making it a whole lot easier to connect with, and entice, new potential customers - it is also a great way in which to maintain your already-existing ones. With this in mind, it is a smart decision to ensure that your social media pages are easily accessible from your website itself.

Free Shipping

Nobody wants to pay the same amount for shipping as they have for their purchase. That just doesn’t make any sense! High shipping costs are often the main reason why people choose not to buy from your online store. Remedy this by keeping the prices affordable or by doing away with shipping costs entirely. After all, everyone gets excited when they hear the phrase ‘free delivery’.

A Secure, Reliable Payment Gateway

Aside from costly shipping, another common deterrent for online shoppers is an unverified payment system or gateway. If they are not reassured that their credit card details are safe, there is very little chance that they will risk making a purchase. Give your customers peace of mind with Pay Upayment systems and secure credit card processing.


Trustmarks generally go hand in hand with reputable payment gateways. For example, when you choose PayU, you will be able to display the 3D Secure trustmark, along with many others. As soon as customers see these trustmarks, they will instantly feel at ease.

There are two other small, yet important tips that we can give you. First of all, when designing your online store, be sure to keep everything as simple as possible. User-friendliness should always be a top priority. Secondly, keep your checkout process quick and easy. If your customers have to go through countless pages requesting all sorts of (usually unnecessary) details and information, the chances are good that they will get annoyed and choose to shop elsewhere.

Contact us at PayU for more information about the benefits of secure payment gateways and make your e-commerce store the very best that it can be.