eCommerce Etiquette
Woman working in shop

When it comes to e-commerce, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Whether we’re talking about user-friendly copy, payment gateways, or covetable products, there is an important space for e-commerce etiquette.

An unfamiliar term, ‘e-commerce etiquette’ or ‘netiquette’ is a practice that can either make or break your online enterprise. Simple yet effective, this practice ensures that your customers return time and time again. Whether you’re using various payment options, social media sites or delivery methods, you will need to ensure that your services are carried out in a manner that reflects well on your overall business acumen.

Referred to as the social code of e-commerce, netiquette requires e-entrepreneurs to conduct their online business in a certain manner that is dictated by a wider range of internet users and business people. Its purpose not only serves fellow e-entrepreneurs, it also ensures that your online enterprise is protected and is one that yields success. If you feel that you might need to revise your virtual manners, take a peek at these netiquette tips:

We Advise: User Friendly Shopping

We are all familiar with the feeling of frustration when trawling a website for the desired item only to come across a handful of paraphernalia that get in the way of our purchase. In frustration, we eventually exit the site without so much as a second glance. Not only is this a negative experience for the consumer, it is also negative for the e-commerce site. The loss of the sale, as well as the negative perception of the site, can be detrimental to your e-commerce enterprise. Boost sales and rapport by creating a user-friendly shopping experience that is simple and effective. Whether your consumers are making credit card payments or opt to add more items once they have already reached the checkout section, it is important to ensure that the process is as simple as possible.

We Advise: A Simple Payment Process

The notion of ‘netiquette’ insists that the virtual shopping experience is one of convenience.  Ensure that you offer your consumers a variety of reliable and efficient payment gateways. The payment process needs to be quick, simple and hassle-free. Encourage more sales by implementing a user-friendly payment option that is direct, efficient and secure. Reassure your consumers by listing the various security features of your payment gateway, remind them that their details will remain safe, and encourage them to use the tools and accessories that your payment service provider may offer.

We Advise: Encourage Feedback

The golden rule of online entrepreneurship is that of polite engagement. Show your ‘netiquette’ by encouraging your customers to give feedback on their overall digital experience. Not only does this engagement ensure that their needs are met, it also encourages an open and honest dialogue. It is also important to remember that your response needs to be polite, controlled and also provide the consumer with a solution.

E-Commerce etiquette is an imperative step that needs to be taken to ensure that you are not virtually ignored. Not only will your consumers welcome the polite manner in which they are treated and the simplicity of their experience, they will also return to your site as a result of their positive experience. If you review your online enterprise and feel that you might need to implement a user-friendly payment gateway, contact PayU for more information.