Christmas Stock Ideas for 2016
Wrapping a gift

Each year there’s a must-have item that pops up just in time for the holidays. It may cause a public sales fever and sweep the nation. We’ve checked out some of biggest online retailers, to see which products are currently ranking at the top, and here’s our festive gift guide with some of our predicted Christmas ‘hot’ items for 2016.


Best Gift Ideas for the Ladies


It’s not always easy to know what women want, especially for Christmas. The question retailers should rather ask is “What will women love?” To give you a festive gift guide for your women’s department, here are some of the items that have remained best sellers.


1. Handbags

The graphs are taken from Google Trends, and roughly indicate Google search traffic for each item over the last 3 months.


Handbags will always be among the bestsellers. A must-have item in every woman’s collection is a quality handbag. With such a huge variety of handbags in the market,  selecting your choice may be difficult. At the moment this lovely Fiorelli Mia Handbag that offers tons of compartmentalized space has potential to be a ‘hot’ item for Christmas. The bag has a versatile wear with a crossbody strap that is detachable, providing both style and convenience. Average price: R1599


2. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Fitbit is arguably one of the most popular brands of fitness trackers on the market right now. The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker may not be ground-breaking but it remains one of the most fashionable fitness trackers around. It’s a perfect Christmas gift idea for the women looking for both form and functionality. The Alta tracker can be used with a number of interchangeable bands that modify its look. Average price: R2199


3. Sneakers

Whether for women or men, sneakers still remain a top-selling item. Ladies’ sneakers in white are especially on trend at the moment. They are not only cute but comfortable and great to wear anywhere. And they look fantastic paired with almost any casual attire. Average price: R599

Potential Top Sellers for the Gents

If you’re finding it hard to get gift ideas for the men this Christmas, here is some inspiration. These are a few items guys will actually want and love, and it doesn’t always have to only be ties and gloves, so have a glance at our picks.


1. Braun Waterflex Wet and Dry Shaver

All men want a good shave, and a good razor usually makes a great gift. The Braun WaterFlex shaver is likely to be among the gift ideas for men buyers will be searching for this Christmas. It combines Braun’s non-slip grip and ergonomic design with the highest German quality standards and is specially designed for use in the shower, or with foam for superior comfort when shaving. It could be the one item that will keep consumers flocking to your site. Average price: R1299


2. Jamie Oliver Portable Braai

We all know that the festive holiday season is a time where families and friends come together to celebrate around a good braai. We can anticipate that Jamie’s Park Braai may be another potential top seller this season. This portable braai brightens up any outdoor setting. It’s light to carry and the grill is durable and tough with its enamel-coated lid designed to make it last longer. Other great features include its curved grill trays that stop food from falling through and modifiable ventilation to get the perfect airflow. Average price: R1099


3. Men’s Designer Watches

Men’s  watches have always been a top gift idea and as Christmas is drawing close, we are likely to see a sizeable increase in sales. Whether he’s a world traveller, an athlete or a taxi driver, we’ll bet that almost every man wants a designer watch. Popular brands, like Soviet, offer watches that are perfect for everyday wear, which promise to be a valuable addition to any man’s wardrobe. Average price: R899


Top Ranking Toys


Can you guess what children want for Christmas? With hundreds of new toys on display, it wasn’t easy selecting the ones that have potential to be on every kiddie’s wish list this Christmas. However, here are some of the top toys and games from our biggest manufacturers that kids will be hoping for this festive season.


1. Hatchimals Toy

This is one of this season’s hot toys that has popped up just in time for Christmas. Interest patterns indicate that it may do well in sales this season. The Hatchimal arrives in its egg stage  and hatches later on into its three stages – baby, toddler, and kid. A definite must-have in your toy category for Christmas. Average price: R999


2. LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack for PS4

The LEGO Dimensions video games have the potential to do really well in sales this Christmas. Bringing cross characters and storylines in new and exciting ways, the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack for PS4 includes the LEGO Dimensions video game, LEGO Gateway building bricks, a Toy Pad, three mini figures and a Batmobile vehicle. Average Price: R1499


3. Finding Dory ‘My Friend Dory’ Figure

It’s not a bad idea to stock up on at least one toy from an animated movie in your toy’s department for Christmas. This ‘My Friend Dory’ toy figure has potential to see an increase in sales this holiday season, as it may be on every child’s Christmas list. Dory has a lot to say on her adventure to find her loved ones, and this toy is no different with more than 50 phrases and sounds from the feature film. Average price: R2200

And that’s a wrap! We hope we’ve given you some guidance on how to put together your Christmas gift ideas that can become potential top sellers in online shopping this festive season. By now your own research on what items to stock over this festive season should already be well underway, if not complete, and we wish all our online retailers a merry Christmas.