Beat the Queues - Do your Shopping Online
Woman smiling shopping on her phone

Why waste your time standing in long queues every time a new pair of sultry heels catch your eye, or every time you need a new appliance for your home? Fast, convenient purchases are just one of the many benefits of shopping online – no more queues, no more effort. All that you need in order to take advantage of the ever-growing industry that is e-commerce is a debit or credit card and a little bit of safety know-how.

The main reason why some South Africans are sceptical about giving online shopping a try is due to the fact that fraud is a massive concern. However, as long as you steer clear of unprotected websites and do your research on the dos and don’ts, there is no reason why shopping online should be any more risky than a trip to the mall.

If, however, you want to take extra precautions (as well as take advantage of some incredible deals and discounts), you might want to consider signing up for PayU Wallet.

Introducing the PayU Wallet

The aim of PayU Wallet is to make the process of transacting online even more convenient than it already is for all shoppers. We do this by offering a wide selection of outstanding benefits, all of which are sure to further enhance the enjoyment of shopping online:

  • Simple and convenient checkout process: No more re-entering of your details every time you wish to buy something. With PayU Wallet, all of your details are saved, thus making the checkout process faster than ever before.
  • Amazing deals: PayU merchants regularly offer PayU Wallet holders a number of incredible deals and discounts.
  • Online shopping without a credit card: You have the opportunity to store cash amounts in your PayU Wallet, ready to use whenever something takes your fancy.
  • Quick and easy everyday purchases: You are able to buy airtime and electricity at the speed of light, and save money in the process.

Now that you are aware of all of the incredible reasons as to why PayU is the ultimate online shopping partner, you can sign up here.

If you are the owner of an online store in South Africa and you wish to provide your shoppers with peace of mind and the ability to make safe, secure payments, be sure to take a look at the payment solutions that we offer here at PayU.