5 Tips for to Increase Black Friday Sales

As The end of the year approaches in addition to Christmas, Black Friday sales are imminent.

Black Friday, one of the most significant events for online sales will happen this year on November 23.

If you are an online seller, you already know the importance of this date. Now it's time to get ready to give your best and attract many consumers.

We know that Black Friday is a great challenge and therefore we have prepared this exclusive article. The goal is to show you five ways for you to increase your sales at this year's Black Friday.

Create a sense of urgency

While consumers rush to get the best deals on Black Friday, brands should be ready for a heavy competion.

The lack of marketing is the perfect companion of Black Friday, as most decisions are quick and impulsive. The combination of the two creates a sense of urgency and is an excellent opportunity to turn visitors into buyers.

Reward your loyal customers

Despite the hectic pace of Black Friday, you should be very careful about your customers. Rewarding loyal customers with special offers help you to make more sales and even lure new customers for your loyalty program.

Customers who feel appreciated become engaged and create a long lasting relationship with your brand, and reach the general public with spontaneous statements and disclosure.

Donate part of their profits to charity

Although this action may seem different from the common marketing actions, some cases show that donations create several advantage for online sellers. If it is possible for you, you can even promote a charity during the checkout process. You can offer your customers the opportunity of sharing this donation on social media that they not only bought but also donated some of their money to charity. That kind of actions increase the visibility of your brand and creates  an emotional bond between your brand and customers.

Create special landing pages to increase the performance of your online shop

Visitor traffic highly increases during Black Friday. You should prepare your website before Black Friday and create and optimize landing pages before this day not to miss any potential customer.

 Adopt the best practices of SEO to target specific customers. Here is a simple example:

[Name of your brand] + offers Black Friday

Many brands lose significant amounts of traffic to other sites because they have optimized their landing pages based on special keywords & content for Black Friday.

Offer cheaper shipping or maybe even free

If your customers can not go to a physical store on Black Friday, you can convince them to make an online purchase at no charge.

According to the report of the Future of Retail, four out of five people said that free shipping is a great incentive to buy more online.

Free shipping makes customers feel more confident about shopping in online shops because it will not cost more than buying in a store with four walls.

What is the best form of payment?

With so many things together during Black Friday, having of an advanced payment platform is a matter of survival. Invest in partners that can help you sell and get paid!