3D Secure for your Online Store

What is 3D Secure?

  • It is also called Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode or Amex Safekey
  • It is an authentication service that allows only the cardholder to use the card when shopping online
  • It allows cardholders to enter their previously selected PIN/Password or a One Time PIN to help their bank to know it is you shopping online
  • With additional focus on the safety of e-commerce transactions,
  • The bank may have already registered the cardholder for the service, or
  • The cardholder may be required to register during his/her next online purchase.


The logos above indicate that an online store has 3D Secure transactions activated on their website. The 3D Secure logo’s can be downloaded from the Visa and MasterCard websites respectively.


Is 3D Secure Compulsory for SA Online Stores?


  • How does 3D Secure work?

    When cardholders purchase items or services online and the online merchant is 3D Secure enabled, the customer will be redirected to the bank’s MasterCard or Visa pop up or inline security screen. On the 3D Secure security screen, the cardholder will be prompted to either: enter a OTP sent to his/her mobile phone; enter the 3D Secure password used when he/she first subscribed to the 3D secure service; or the card ATM PIN. Upon successful verification, the transaction will be processed.

  • What does 3D Secure cost?

    There is no cost to the cardholder or the merchant. Visa, MasterCard and the banks fund all SMS and other related costs.

  • The benefit of 3D Secure for merchants

    Merchants enrolled for 3D Secure will have their chargeback risk reduced by shifting the responsibility of the transaction chargeback risk to the issuing bank of the cardholder. A chargeback is the charge a credit card merchant pays to a customer after the customer successfully disputes an item on his or her credit card statement. 

  • The benefit of 3D Secure for online shoppers

    Through Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, credit cards can be protected against unauthorised use when shopping online. The 3D Secure program further aims to build consumer confidence and trust by offering a more secure online purchasing experience and thereby growing the number of online ecommerce consumers. Once customers enroll online and activate 3D Secure, their card number cannot be used for online purchases without entering a unique one-time pin or password. Certain banks automatically enroll their customers in the 3D Secure program, while other banks have asked their customers to manually sign up for the program.

  • What happens if cardholders do not want to activate their credit cards for 3D Secure?

    If cardholders do not activate their credit card for 3D Secure before it becomes mandatory, they will be required to pay for their goods or services via alternative online payment methods supported by the merchant website (e.g. EFT).

  • 3D Secure Customer Education

    Once 3D Secure is activated on your website, explain what 3D Secure is and the benefits of the program to your customers. Download the PayU 3D Secure Online Shopper FAQ’s to assist you with this process and to offer some guidance on the appropriate wording.

  • PayU and 3D Secure

    PayU, as South Africa’s leading processor of online payments, enables e-commerce stores to securely process 3D Secure transactions. For more information on 3D Secure and the integration process, download the PayU 3D Secure Merchant Guide.

  • 3D Secure queries

    To enroll for 3D Secure as an e-commerce merchant, please contact your account manager at your acquiring bank.

    For more information about PayU, contact us on marketing@payu.co.za. For all 3D Secure queries, contact our Support Team at help@payu.co.za on 086 111 7298/+27 21 814 6535. Monday to Friday – 09:00 – 17:00.