2015 eCommerce Trends
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As an online business owner, you will be happy to hear that things are looking up in the e-Commerce world this year. In fact, business is set to boom for e-Commerce sites in 2015, and here’s why:

Mobile Technology

It seems that just about anything can be done on a cell-phone nowadays. With more sophisticated operating systems and functionality, more and more people are switching to their mobile phones for all of their to-dos and communication. Mobile technology has made people much more comfortable with shopping online and the convenience factor is boosted too – now you can lie in bed and shop!

Tip: Ensure that your e-Commerce store is optimised for mobile phones, with easy to navigate features and enabled mobile payments. Better yet, consider developing an app for your online store that is available for download and allows for seamless browsing and automatic notifications of sales and delivery information.


One of the lures of brick-and-mortar stores was instant gratification. You found something you liked, you bought it and you walked out with it. This is still alluring to shoppers, but, very rapidly, the convenience of online shopping has crept up into high favour. No more queues, no more hassles in trying to find a size, no more time wasted in a store. Speedier, more efficient delivery is set to be a huge trend in e-Commerce in 2015, with the ease of ordering and receiving parcels evolving rapidly.

Tip: Up your delivery game! Offer your customers express delivery or in-store pickup so that they are receiving as instantaneous a gratification as possible. Make sure that you have partnered up with a reliable courier company that has a reputation for being both efficient and punctual.

Customer Experience

With so many e-Commerce stores vying to sell the same thing, it can be difficult to make your business stand out. That’s why you need to go through your site as if you were a customer and imagine things from their perspective. In addition to this, having a secure payment gateway in place will assist greatly with regard to customer experience and their feelings of security.

Tip: Consider a site redesign in order to make yours even more user-friendly and unique. Change your delivery packaging so that your goods don’t just come in a plain old box. Add a personal touch that speaks to your customers about your business. To double up on the previous point around delivery, delivering on time and with all goods in tact also goes a long way towards ensuring a great customer experience.

Product Focus

Online shoppers are more likely to keep returning to a website that is regularly updated with new products; and not just new products, but a wide, varied range.

Tip: Keep your store’s products up-to-date with detailed descriptions. Consider installing an algorithm checker that tracks your customers’ trends and likes and offers similar items of interest when they purchase or view an item.

Armed with the knowledge of these trends, a solid user-friendly website, a varied product range and a secure payment system, there is nothing stopping you from becoming more successful than ever this year.